Museo das Laudas (Tombstone Museum)

  • The museum is located inside the medieval church of Santa María a Nova, and contains a valuable collection of tombstones. The presence of over 500 of these tombstones, dated from the 14th to the 19th century, justifies the importance of the cemetery. The tombstones shown in the church nave have on their surface some relieves (coats of arms and figures) and engravings (marks and tools) that identified the dead person. According to these insculptures, the tombstones can be classified as heraldic tombstones, tombstones with professional marks, tombstones with inscriptions, or mixed tombstones.

    The numerous engravings referring to the dead persons’ professions – tailors, butchers, stonemasons, carpenters, sailors etc – turn this medieval necropolis into a remarkable guild cemetery.